#G33kinList 1/20/18

by DJ G33k

Sooo…it’s been a little minute since we exchanged vibes here. Sorry, I’m not sorry! 2017 was full of experiences that took me away from the writing, but hopefully you follow me on other platforms and got a good dose of what was happening. I don’t prefer to do mixes, but I did some in 2017; check them out on my mixcloud. Nevertheless, January is always a great time to start/restart good habits, so let’s jump right back in to the flow of things. Oh, have I got some good tunes for you!

It’s only right I start home, because that is where the heart is…Philly!


Producer Dilemma did a great thing when he got together with R&B artist Beano French to help him with his newest project. I recommend you buy that album on iTunes. Here are my favs: Monday Morning, Darling Baby, Roll With Me

Keeping it Philly, let me inform some & remind others that Noel Scales dropped her project, Beautiful Bad. According to her social media, more videos are coming soon. For now vibe out to my top picks.

Met Bri Steves a few years back when she was first rising in Philly and ever since she has been holding her own. Check out her latest, a remix to Plain Jane.

#Explicit: One of the youngest rappers coming out of Philly right now definitely has the ear of his city. Recohavoc’s first track to catch fire was Lucas and it’s still setting off the clubs. One of his next tracks had a completely different flow, but the beat still bumps; I appreciate the versatility.

It has to be an honor to have the mentorship of Timbaland. If he had anything to do with Brandon Tory’s latest track, They Want Me to Win, then they should keep working. It is a clean, thin line between R&B and Hip Hop. The vibe makes you want him to win too.

Seattle native, Dave B, definitely has some vibes on his latest project, Pearl.

This next track is just groovy. The artist, Azekel hailing from London, is a producer and musician. Check out Can We Have Fun (In This House Tonight?), one of the first tracks released from his upcoming project.

Anyone who gets Wale on a love song wins in my book. What makes this new Eric Bellinger track even better is the bass that dumps to add a Hip Hop bounce to it and ushers in this rap feature perfectly. Originally released in 2016, he switched up the feature for the remix and gave it another go. Are you the Goat 2.0?

Speaking of Wale, I hope you didn’t miss his February 2017 album release. You know the album with Fashion Week on it? Just in case, make sure you go get it & skip straight to Running Back featuring Lil Wayne & let that rock.

I am no expert but I think we all have had our fair share of ups and downs in love. I don’t think intuition has the best reputation in this area. Maybe Janine can help your spirit think through the right time to make a move.

I remember going to an open mic and hearing a girl doing a beautiful cover of Who You Are by Jessie J and the moment I left, I found every song Jessie had out. I had my loved ones listening to acoustics, covers, & unreleased music by this voice I couldn’t have imagined was coming from the woman I saw in the videos. Five or six years later she has gone through some personal experiences and come back to us with the soul I heard in her music when I first met her in my speakers. I currently have Not My Ex on repeat.

The pleasure in discovering an artist is that a good catalog is timeless. I stumbled into Sha’Leah Nikole because of her new single Nobody and then I found Tell the World, which was apparently from 2015. 

This one might be my turn up 1st pick right now. The way Gashi switches up his flow makes this track more than just a new age Hip Hop banger. I can’t even explain it, just turn it on & turn it up as loud as it goes.

#Explicit: Not sure where he went, but T-Pain is making his way back. I feel like this track, Straight, is his way of confirming that he can pretty much drop a song anytime, no matter the wave. I guess you should check out his new album, Oblivion, to see if he’s managing to keep up!

Mannywellz wants the Watermelon, the rice, and the chicken on the side.

If you know me well enough, you know that I have a thing for some good choreography. I dare you to just YouTube your favorite songs with the word choreography after them. Daniel Caesar is taking the big stages by storm right now and my favorite song of his is Blessed. I followed the formula and found some high quality choreo…Thank you Ian Eastwood!


Got some new music recommendations we need to hear, write us and let us know!

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