#G33kinList 7/18/16

by DJ G33k

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ~ Bob Marley

  • I couldn’t start this post with anything other than this Jay-Z latest release, Spiritual. It was short and to the point and man did he make some deep points…

    “…Scars that never healed, I never kept it this real I acted out, my life a stage, ten thousand people watchin’ Where’s the little boy I knew? I must have forgot him…” – lyrics from Genius

  • Since he came out, this man Jidenna has been getting it done. Not only has he and the Wondaland team been conscious, but dammit he’s producing some good music. He gave a live performance of his latest track at the BET Awards. Check out Little Bit More.

  • What I will say about the TV series Empire, is that is definitely has introduced America to some new Hip Hop & R&B acts. I was interested in seeing where these acts go after their appearance. Well, V. Bozeman (remember What Is Love) recently dropped her single, Go. Warning: the video is unexpectedly for adults only!

  • You gotta love a good slow songs. We all know those songs you never really play unless its a special time with a special person. Well, here’s another song for that playlist. Check out newer artists Raaheim with his single Dive.

  • Can’t leave out the homies. DMV raised and Philly made, BriaMarie just dropped a new song & video, Rather Be. It’s just in time for a nice drive in this summer sun. #Shoutout to the #BeamTeam & my fellow #LadyBeams!

  • Staying updated with some of my favorite current artists is always important. Check out this recently released project from PJ called RARE. The song writer turned artist is behind some mainstream artists radio tunes, but has her own sound to be appreciated. 

  • Here’s some more Philly for you! MC BriSteves just dropped something nice for the summer and its an olde to the classic Summertime by the legends Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff. My favorite part of it all is that she rocks with a fellow female DJ of course, DJ HvnLee. Check out Summer’s Mine.

  • Love a good social media find. Shoutout to @picasso_trill for the referral. This next artist, Khalid, hails from El Paso, Texas. His sound plus the production hooked me as soon as the track began. Here’s Location, but don’t hesitate to check out his other stuff!

  • Now, Lil Mama has been getting the slack, the memes, and general disrespect since she started growing up. Yes, she has done some random outrageous things and no I haven’t loved every song she has released. Nevertheless, you can’t take away the hits she did have and according to her recent videos, you can’t honestly deny that she has bars. She’s been releasing some remixes to more popular songs so I included Summer Sixteen and Panda…what you think? Ready to give her another chance?

  • Another one of Philly’s own, Normal Gene, who dropped a project earlier this year, is keeping the singles coming. It’s a relatable story of a ‘situationship’ with a thug twist lol…a story you’ve heard before with a different sound. It features Ash Shakur; I can’t wait until he drops his project too. Here’s Quanny.

  • Lyrical tracks don’t always catch my ear. Most times because the track has to be produced well enough to stop me to listen. Well, I stopped at IshDARR with his track Bandits plus the reggae drop snuck in on me something nice.

  • You just have to press play on this one. The title explains the topic and the lyrics will speak for themselves. Produced by Dj Drama, featuring Meek Mill, Pusha T, & Ty Dolla $ign, I bring you Boyz In The Hood.

  • Who would have thought Ty Dolla $ign Fabolous would be in the studio cooking up something with a new R&B singer? Tish Hyman just dropped her project Dedicated To: and on it you will find a smooth track featuring these 2. Check out Dreams (track 3).

  • Out of Chicago and new to me, Adrian is to release an EP sometime this year, but for now we get a preview of his sound with Cold. It’s groovy trap, R&B type of single.

  • So Keke Palmer has been on a roll on social media. She is definitely growing up and not afraid to tell the world. She recently released a project which was apparently originally recorded in 2010 and was just named, Waited to Exhale.

  • I hear various reviews of Miguel, but I can’t deny I appreciate his music. With that said, he dropped another track called Come Through and Chill. It’s something chill, as the title states.

  • There aren’t many lady duos out here Gettin’ It, but based out of Philly I know a pair that haven’t slowed down since I met them. 2Mil consist of Morgan Frenchie, who give a dope live show of not only the vocals, but hella choreo to match. Check out the latest track.

  • I have heard all the controversy surrounding Gucci Mane‘s release. They think he’s a clone; they say he’s too skinny and doesn’t look the same. They don’t know what to expect from his new music and I am not sure that this next track was on the list of potentials, but he just dropped it so here goes nothing. Warning: I think the girls in the video are just a distraction from the actual message. 

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