#G33kin List – 2/19/17

by DJ G33k

No matter when you find it, as long as it puts you in the right mood, it’s timeless!

Before we get to the underground, can we take a second to pause for the new Beyonce & Jay-Z track by DJ Khaled? I won’t even comment on it, I will just leave it here for you and you tell me what you think.

If you missed the memo, the homie BriaMarie is back at it with a new single & video. Check out #LoveTheWayWeArgue. It’s an honor to be a part of the movement…shoutout to the #LadyBeams!

The theme song for theXXX movie, In My Foreign, puts some mainstream artists in a different light. So it’s by DJ trio, The Americanos, and it features Ty Dolla $ignLil YachtyNicky Jam, & French Montana. It’s just so nice and groovy, but I can’t help turning up to it!

I can’t say enough that Jaden Smith is someone to look out for. He is so thoughtful about his lyrics and this latest track, Fallen, is another prime example. I don’t think he has officially released it yet for download, but we can just keep replaying the visual for now. 

I found this next artist through her latest song, Trying Not to Love You. Then, I research her to check out some more music and realized I had been listening to her longer than I knew through the 2k17 soundtrack (Let Em Say), lol! Well, in case you haven’t been introduced yet, here is Caroline Smith.

As the times changes, it seems hard for artists to keep their flow and match the new wave. You think Busta Rhymes still got it with this track, AAAHHH

If your into the smooth tunes, just something to vibe to, check out Oceans by The Visions.

IG Recommendation from @beckajean89: India Shawn James Fauntleroy – One Sun

I was listening to a random YouTube playlist when this song came on. It had a slow build, but I gave the lyrics a chance and now it’s on repeat. Have you heard Julia Michaels first single Issues?

Out of Cali, comes the smooth sounds of a guy who goes by the name YMTK aka Young Murph the Kidd. Check his track Heavy.

Let’s end this off with an unexpected blessing called Chasing Goosebumps. Apparently, the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff decided to bring together about 50 creatives to create an album in just one week. The line up included someone I’ve been honored to work with, producer Carvin Haggins and the main vocals are provided by the very random, Glenn Lewis. Based on clips shown from the production process, Jeff’s intentions were to prove the industry wrong and create an album in as little time as possible. Well, the mission as accomplished and I hope it empowers artists to take more control. 

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