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#G33kin List 5/24/16

by DJ G33k

It’s been too long. The site was down for a sec due to some technical difficulties. No worries though, we are glad to be back up and running with some new tunes. I’m sure you’ve already heard Beyonce’s Lemonade so I won’t overload you with the details. What I will do, is give you a dose […]

#G33kedUpLive iii (Photos by @mzizi_media)

by DJ G33k
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By: Mzizi Media Concert & Jam Session w/ #DopeAzzMusic (Next Date: TBD – email in to submit for upcoming shows) Hosted by Jacqueline Constance Featuring: Larry Lambert & Art Life Mike Jakeya Sanders Raqi Lily Jeannine Kayembe (poet) ft. Troi Lauren

#G33kin List 2/21/16

by DJ G33k

Tuesday night in Philly we had a show, #G33kedUpLive iii. It was a major success thanks to all the artists involved: Jacqueline Constance (host & performer), Larry Lambert & Art Life Mike (featured duo), Raqi Lily, Jakeya Sanders, & the duo of Jeannine Kayembe w/ Troi Lauren! Each & every person that walked in that door made […]

#G33kin 1/7/16 – Back to the Music

by DJ G33k

“I’ve been gone for a minute, now I’m back at the jump off…” – Lil Kim No, but really its been some time, but in this new year I want to get back in the research of music. It is the mix of underground & mainstream that keeps my mind & mixes fresh as a […]

Monday #G33kin’ (11/19/14) via

by DJ G33k
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I have been doing a lot of new talent searching and part of me is loving their new music more than the mainstream. Welp, here’s some of the newest sounds for you to hear. We HAVE to get some more underground voices on the mainstream airwaves. When I logged on to start this post, the first […]