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#G33kinList 1/20/18

by DJ G33k

Sooo…it’s been a little minute since we exchanged vibes here. Sorry, I’m not sorry! 2017 was full of experiences that took me away from the writing, but hopefully you follow me on other platforms and got a good dose of what was happening. I don’t prefer to do mixes, but I did some in 2017; […]

#G33kin List – 2/19/17

by DJ G33k

No matter when you find it, as long as it puts you in the right mood, it’s timeless! Before we get to the underground, can we take a second to pause for the new Beyonce & Jay-Z track by DJ Khaled? I won’t even comment on it, I will just leave it here for you and you […]

#G33kinList 9/26/16

by DJ G33k

Artists speak about their realities – past and present. If you change their realities, you change their message… Powerfully, Common teams up with Stevie Wonder for this track called Black America Again. T.I. sends a strong message in his new song, Warzone. This song on the list has a special place in my heart…because it’s the squad! BriaMarie not only dropped a new […]

#G33kinList 7/18/16

by DJ G33k

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ~ Bob Marley I couldn’t start this post with anything other than this Jay-Z latest release, Spiritual. It was short and to the point and man did he make some deep points… “…Scars that never healed, I never kept it this real I […]

#G33kin List 5/24/16

by DJ G33k

It’s been too long. The site was down for a sec due to some technical difficulties. No worries though, we are glad to be back up and running with some new tunes. I’m sure you’ve already heard Beyonce’s Lemonade so I won’t overload you with the details. What I will do, is give you a dose […]