by HolaCarmitooo


Hey. You love Pharrell, right? WOW! Me too! Glad we got that out of the way. So listen, a video from Genius crossed my timeline a few months ago and got me in a frenzy. How did I never notice Pharrell’s signature 4 count intro?! I’ve loved music all my life and always paid attention to details, how did this slip by me? I immediately started scouring my iTunes library (while kicking myself) for all the Pharrell produced and featuring tracks I could find. I even discovered some songs that I didn’t realize were produced by him.


This turned into a full on personal project (obsession) on my part. I ate, slept, breathed, and of course, listened to Pharrell for WEEKS. It was fun and enlightening. It was inspiring. It made me remember why I love music so much. Not that I needed a reminder, I literally sleep with headphones on. But when music is a constant it is easy to fall into a routine. I have my daily tunes; the songs I listen to all the time. I deviate when I Shazam something new, or an album/single drops. I love movie scores and soundtracks, so if I go see a movie I’ll look those up. Friends send me suggestions. A podcast intro will pique my interest. But for the most part, anything I like goes into my daily mix playlist and put on shuffle. And it had been awhile since I’d stepped outside of my daily mix.


This rediscovery resulted in a playlist full of Pharrell/N*E*R*D songs featuring the classic 4 count intro. I kind of outdid myself on this one. Not even humble bragging, it’s pretty dope. I got some feedback on it from friends and folks on the Twitters and it may honestly be my greatest achievement. So when I was asked by my good friend to write a bit about music I love, I thought this playlist, my baby, would be the perfect introduction. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it. My name is Carmen, welcome to my mind.


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