Meet G33K

"I look at myself as [being] a part of your event, whereas some DJ’s would just look at themselves as the entertainment for your event. I’m not just an artist coming to do a set, I am live art."

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1. Hey. You love Pharrell, right? WOW! Me too! Glad we got that out of the way. So listen, a video from Genius crossed my timeline a few months ago and got me in a frenzy. How did I never notice Pharrell’s signature 4 count intro?! I’ve loved music all my life and always paid attention […]

Sooo…it’s been a little minute since we exchanged vibes here. Sorry, I’m not sorry! 2017 was full of experiences that took me away from the writing, but hopefully you follow me on other platforms and got a good dose of what was happening. I don’t prefer to do mixes, but I did some in 2017; […]