“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” ~ Bob Marley I couldn’t start this post with anything other than this Jay-Z latest release, Spiritual. It was short and to the point and man did he make some deep points… “…Scars that never healed, I never […]

#G33kinList 7/18/16

It’s been too long. The site was down for a sec due to some technical difficulties. No worries though, we are glad to be back up and running with some new tunes. I’m sure you’ve already heard Beyonce’s Lemonade so I won’t overload you with the details. What I will do, […]

#G33kin List 5/24/16

By: Mzizi Media Concert & Jam Session w/ #DopeAzzMusic (Next Date: TBD – email in to submit for upcoming shows) Hosted by Jacqueline Constance Featuring: Larry Lambert & Art Life Mike Jakeya Sanders Raqi Lily Jeannine Kayembe (poet) ft. Troi Lauren

#G33kedUpLive iii (Photos by @mzizi_media)

G33kedUpLive iii 'tables'
Tuesday night in Philly we had a show, #G33kedUpLive iii. It was a major success thanks to all the artists involved: Jacqueline Constance (host & performer), Larry Lambert & Art Life Mike (featured duo), Raqi Lily, Jakeya Sanders, & the duo of Jeannine Kayembe w/ Troi Lauren! Each & every person that […]

#G33kin List 2/21/16